Maintenance Request

Please note that you MUST fill out the maintenance form completely and properly for your maintenance request to be responded to.

By submitting this maintenance request you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. SM Communities will cover the costs for repairs due to normal wear and tear.
  2. Residents will be invoiced for labor and material cost SM Communities incurs as the result of any act by a resident or a resident’s guest which results in either a service charge or an additional rental charge.
  3. Any charge invoiced to a resident is payable and due by the first day of the first month immediately following the date on which any invoice was applied.
  4. If this is a maintenance emergency which is not immediately reported via the emergency maintenance phone #, the resident may be charged for additional damages which occur due to the emergency not being reported to the emergency maintenance personnel.

For gas leaks or gas shutoffs call: DTE Energy at 1-800-947-5000
For power outages call: Consumer’s Energy at 1-800-477-5050

Note: This maintenance request form must be completely and correctly filled out or your maintenance request cannot be addressed properly.

After our maintenance crew have serviced your maintenance request they will lock your townhome when they leave.

If you require maintenance, please fill-out a Maintenance Request Form.

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